Welcome to the Turbine Heat Transfer Laboratory (THTL) within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University!

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Je-Chin Han
Distinguished Professor and
Marcus C. Easterling Chair Professor
Office: 303 Engineering/Physics Building Office Wing
Phone: 979-845-3738 Fax: 979-845-3081
Email: jc-han@tamu.edu

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Members of THTL are committed to the development and advancement of gas turbine blade cooling technology.  Through collaboration with industrial and academic partners, new cooling techniques are developed and traditional cooling methods are investigated in the pursuit of more efficient gas turbines for both power generation and aircraft propulsion.  To further understand gas turbine heat transfer and cooling techniques, advanced experimental and computational methods are continually being developed which can be applied to many areas of heat transfer research.  Thus, THTL personnel are equipped with a wide variety of skills leading to continued research, through both industry and academia, in the area of gas turbine heat transfer.